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4th - 8th MARCH 2025

90 Mile Beach Snapper Bonanza is arguably the biggest Snapper Surf Casting Competition in the world, a one species fishing competition which runs for 5 days in March on the famous Te Oneroa-a-Tōhē (90 Mile Beach), Northland New Zealand

The Far North's Iconic Event

A must do for the surfcasting enthusiast or the social angler.

About The Competition

The 90 Mile Beach Snapper Bonanza is arguably the biggest Snapper Surf Casting Competition in the world, a one species fishing competition which runs for 5 days in March on the famous Te Oneroa-a-Tōhē (90 Mile Beach), Northland New Zealand. The cash prize pool exceeds $88,000.00, of course the biggest cash offering goes to the largest snapper of the week a whopping $30,000.00. However don’t think it’s all about size as $10,000.00 is up for grabs for the angler that catches a snapper closest to the average weight of all the fish caught in the competition. The event will still cater for the unlucky angler that doesn’t catch a fish as the lucky draw spot prizes exceed $150,000.00 which includes a $50,000.00 4x4 Ute (RRP). 2020 and 2021 were sell-out’s which attracted 1000 anglers, it is estimated that at each prize giving there is a total crowd attendance of between 1500 and 3000 people enjoying the entertainment.

Snapper Bonanza Event

Jam-Packed Headquarters Arena – 2023

Darin Maxwell, Te Puke, Heaviest Snapper Record Holder Heaviest snapper record in competition history winner Darin Maxwell from Te Puke with 12.030kg landed Wednesday February 29th, 2012

Merchandise available for purchase on site 

A brief history leading up to the creation of the Snapper Bonanza.

In 1982 the Brijevich family started the competition then called the Snapper Classic they were the owners of The Park -a camping ground just down the road from the current prize giving site. The competition evolved over the next 27 years into a community project that benefited the many local businesses supplying services, supplies, equipment etc. to the many contestants and their entourages. The local economy received a much needed boost and everyone was happy. In 2006 the competition was sold, the new owners ran it in much the same way as the previous owner, but ran into financial difficulties after the 2009 event. So in 2010 the competition was cancelled. However the 90 Mile Beach Surf Casting Club ran an event for those hardy souls who came North anyway. In 2011 the 90 Mile Beach Snapper Bonanza was born, with local businessmen John Stewart and Dave Collard combining their talents to facilitate this Far North iconic event. The bonanza brand has developed into a very strong marketable label and we hope it’s here to stay however without the support of our sponsors the event is not viable, as organisers we urge our anglers and supporters to climb on board and trade with our sponsors as much as possible. Tight Lines John & Dave

Some Of The Prizes Up For Grabs


Heaviest Snapper Overall & Champions Trophy


Average Weight Snapper Overall

Massive Spot Prizes Snapper Bonanza Triton

Massive Spot Prizes

Including a Mitsubishi Triton, MeloYelo Electric Bike, Early Bird Kontiki and a Super Liquor Seahorse Kontiki

Don't miss out on arguably the largest surf casting event in the world

Registration has never been easier.  Register online now!

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Kia ora fisho's!

We have just sent out an email link to those who have not uploaded their head & shoulders pic for your ID tags.

Remember to check your spam or junk folder.

Hats are ok, but no sunnies. Make sure you are the only one in the photo.

We no longer carry your photos over from the previous year/s
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Ohh..I just uploaded one of our photos is sunnies on the top of the head ok??

I think I need to for fit my ticket unfortunately for 2025 event.

Leigh Kuljish is this done for us?

Atanui Te Tau-Haynes Ours Sorted my Sweet 🤔

Tamz Adams Jade Adams Tom Adams 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Luke Boyes Bianca Barratt

Tee Bee Sam McLeod June Te Tau-Mcleod Noel Cassidy

Mike Wikitera

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Hey team,

We have finished processing the database and have sent out the 2025 tickets to everyone, so ticket holders, please check your emails and make sure to check your spam/junk folder!

The email contains a link to upload your ID Photo. This goes on the ID tag that you will receive on the registration days. Please use a portrait head and shoulders photo of yourself.
- No group photos
- No face coverings (masks, sunglasses etc) please.

You DO NOT need to send a photo of your legal ID, i.e. driver's licence or passport, just a normal head & shoulders photo.

People who bought more than one ticket will receive the ticket files and links for each angler you purchased tickets for. Please forward the ticket file and photo upload link to the relevant anglers, or upload their photo if you can.

As mentioned above, if someone else bought your ticket for you, please get in touch with them for the ticket and photo ID link.
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Nice work team much appreciated🎣🎣

Ali it’s going to be your year 2025. Watch this space. Cheers Toss

Got ours today, thanks guys

Thanks guys.

Marie Williams

Luke Boyes Bianca Barratt

Keith Williams 1200 👀👀👀

Rio Martin

Got mine today!!! Lesssgoooo 2025👊👊👊👊

Willz Samson check your emails 😊

Yeehaa Thanx Snapper Bonanza seeya there✌️

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Thank you all! We have SOLD OUT for the 2025 comp.
Again thank you for your patience with our crash 🫠 we look forward to bring you another pumping comp!

The waiting list is now active please head to the site to register.
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Thanks for all the hard mahi, heart attack city this morning waiting on the resolution. Great work team!!!

WOW, unreal, doesn’t surprise me as the Snapper Bonanza has a Massive following. Secured 2 tickets, love supporting you guys. A real boost for the far North and the economy. Beautifully well run and organised Tournament. Congratulations to all the sponsors, and the very hard working team of volunteers. Dave and John , well done. Arohanui to you all

Is that in record time? I'm very proud of the website this year, only crashed momentarily!

So pleased to have secured 2 tickets to this most iconic surfcasting tournament. Love supporting the Snapper Bonanza. SOLD OUT! Dosnt surprise me.

We missed out because the site was down, Every day we tried and it would crash every time! That's really disappointing! Have brought a ticket every year since started until now and couldn't get one because the site wouldn't let us from day 1 that they became available!

Secured the goods 🤟🏼

Just wondering when the tickets are confirmed please. Have paid for 2 🙂 and want to book in flights and time off 😉 THANK YOU

Well done team Team! Looking forward to 2025, thank you 😊 xxx

I got mine. Straight in at 11am. Yihaa!

Wow sold already that was fast how many ticket all up

How many tickets sold ?

Yeehaa bring it on 2025 Snapper Bonanza

Parents got theirs.. 2025 churr 🤙

Was on nights, completely forgot. W8ing again.

Bullshit locals should get the chance first stuff the corporates we make the comp up… should just quit it then our beach will be big ikas for generations to come Fuck the snappa bonanza 🖕🏽

Well done team! 🎣

Cool still trying to get on the site 🤣 ill stop trying

See you guys next year 🦈🌊💯🤙

Magda Anderton o mate we missed out

Louise Moys 🙈 Did dad miss out?

Myles Lardelli-Muir Tawa sold out 😩

Jamie How safe

Karen Kite

Carlton Paki Ror Hess team team team

Yussssssss all done woohoo 🙌

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Site is back up team.

Please give the page time to load, everyone refreshing have it heart failure and made it bottle neck. We are continuing to monitor incase something happens. Thank you all for your understanding 🙂
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Cheers team see ya there 2025 💥

Stoked to have my ticket. Thanks for getting it sorted, im sure it was twice as stressful for you guys - I appreciate all your guys hard work behind the scenes 👍

Maybe should look at the queuing system that One Love has so you sit and wait in the queue until its your turn to purchase tickets then maybe it wont crash🫣

BRILLIANT, what more can you say. Secured 2 tickets. Congratulations to everyone. Awesome teamwork, roll on 2025

Awesome tickets secured thanks team 🙂

Yaye got my two! Stress time is over.

Still not working, haven't been able to purchase ticket yet, keeps saying page not found when you click to register.

Got mine whoop whoop 😎

3 tickets for the kahungunu kasters first ticket can't wait, team bounty hunters here we come😆

Just purchased two tickets,what do I do now?.

Thanks team see you all next year 2025🥳🎉

X2 tickets woop woop we come again

Yusss! See y’all in March 🕺🏼

Got ours!

Yea, got mine, less go

Woo hoo - 2x tickets got 🙌🏽 Nga mihi team 😍 #lesshhhgo

41 minutes late for work 😅 but we. Cracked it see you next year 💯

Sorted thanks heaps!!

Sand Reapers r on

Woohoo 2x Tickets for us looking forward for 2025 all the way from Perth Nga mihi The Teams 🥰🎉

Byron McDermott we onnnn 🙌 Bring on 2025! 🎣

Chur chur .

Aaron Hohaia are yous in for next year?

Steph Louise

Sorted. Yayy

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Hey guys after all the upgrades unfortunately the site crashed. Please give us 5-10mins to reboot and we’ll let you know when it’s live again ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Go back to the way it used to be. This is stressful 🙄

Should have a certain amout in tickets for locals to buy from hunting and fishing and ryder sports then let everyone else do the online ones.

I want to address a comment mentioning revenue gathering: Have you factored in the costs that are associated with running this tournament? Prizes, prize money, wages, merchandise, website etc. The aim of any kind of event, is to ensure that you are in the black at the end of the event ... why would anyone run something that doesn't generate a profit or at least cover costs?

Fark me ... we have a small team of locals that are pouring their heart into this great event, and once little glitch ... and you all go manic!

So stressful when your working and trying to get your ticket

Maybe not such a good way to do it after all!?

Good luck everyone got our 4 tickets ..

Still down. Maybe need to do a ballot system. Then give everyone 24 hours to pay or ticket goes to next person on the ballot. Little bit more work for organizers, but means customers don't have to sit around for hours waiting for website issues to be sorted. It's a lolly scramble anyway.

Is there after pay

Why dont yous just put some tickets at outlets like Hunting And Fishing Kaitaia Riderssportshop etc ,

Phew. Ticket purchased hubby happy

Yay finally got our tickets Whoop Whoop 🙌

Just have to jump to the defence of the very hardworking team at Snapper Bonanza give this hardworking team a break they do an incredible job for you and I. Be patient and calm for no man can catch a fish in ANGER -Herbert Hoover.

Well I’m done no reception going to work already late have to find another comp after 25 of years can’t be bothered with waiting list

Should sell a certain amount every night at prize giving. Means more people would go to prize giving and then the number of people trying to get them today would be alot smaller . I'd definitely get mine asap if it meant going the next year

Everybody get off so I can get mine, then you can all go 😂😂😂

Thanks for all your hard work team. 👍 got em.

How do we add a name to the waitlist? Is there an actual list that comes out once the tickets have been sold? Or can we just request to be added on here?

Yes paid for my 4 😉

Waited for countdown then crash 🤣🤣

I just have my last number again thanks,

Again .. got through to payment an crashed again 😭😭

Finally I’m paid. Back to long weekend 🙄

Can you add me to waitlist, this is just not happening,

I got cows to milk stock to feed can I have 2 tickets sweet baby Jesus

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Hall of Fame

Zane Kaaka, Te Kao

2024 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2024 – 8.225kg.

Damien Sinclair,

2023 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2023 – 7.485kg.

Dickson Hohaia,
South Taranaki

2021 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2021 – 9.060kg.

Grant Thompson, Auckland

2020 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2020 – 8.285kg.

Dave Rameka, Kaitaia

2019 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2019 – 7.905kg.

Grant Dodunski, Te Puke

2018 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2018 – 8.945kg.

Chris Spurr, Gisborne

2017 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2017 – 6.175kg.

James Benge, Hastings

2016 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2016 – 8.165kg.

Troy Notton, Kamo

2015 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2015 – 8.315kg.

Neil Sides, Kaitaia

2014 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2014 – 9.995kg.

Jeremy Alai, Auckland

2013 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2014 – 9.91kg.

Darin Maxwell, Te Puke

2012 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2012 and new record holder – 12.030kg

Luke Boyes, Christchurch

2011 Winner

Overall Heaviest Snapper Winner 2011 – 8.89kg

Our Sponsors

Without them this event would not happen