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The Prize List

Over $100,000 in prizes to be given away


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Heaviest Snapper

$30,000 – Heaviest Snapper Overall & Champions Trophy
$10,000 – Average Weight Snapper Overall
$2000 – Ladies Average Weight Snapper Overall
$2000 – 2nd Heaviest Snapper Overall
$1500 – Average Weight Snapper each day
$2500 – Heaviest Snapper each day
$500 – Ladies Heaviest Snapper each day
$1500 – 2nd Heaviest Snapper each day
$750 – 3rd Heaviest Snapper each day
$400  4th Heaviest Snapper each day
$300 – 5th Heaviest Snapper each day

Teams Event

$4000 – Winning Team Overall + Bonanza World Cup Trophy
$2000 – 2nd Winning Team Overall
$1000 – 3rd Winning Team Overall
$500 – Winning Team each day
$3000 – Teams weight average Overall

Riders Sports Fishing Day Thursday

$2000 – Average Weight Snapper
$750 – Heaviest Snapper
$500 – 2nd Heaviest Snapper
$400 – 3rd Heaviest Snapper
$300 – 4th Heaviest Snapper
$200 – 5th Heaviest Snapper

– Mitsubishi Triton and other major spot prizes may differ in colour and some accessories to the photograph on this website.
– If the Ladies Heaviest of the day is also the overall winner of the day. The ladies prize will go to the second heaviest.

Early Bird Prize

Tickets purchased prior to August 31st 2021 will be entered into a draw to win a Seahorse Kontiki Package valued at $4,575. This will be drawn at the briefing on Monday 7th March 2022

Additional Super Prizes

There will be prizes drawn each night at the H.Q. weigh-in area. Contestants must be present in person with their tickets or entry into a major draw. The organisers will call the prize winning numbers and the contestants must present themselves to the organisers in person and if so required, be in possession of some other form of identification. In the event of a number being drawn and the competitor not being present there will be a redraw.

Mid Week Draw:

Mid Week Draw:

First prize a Melo Yelo Super lite Electric Bike

On Wednesday, the organisers will draw 6 numbers. The selected numbers will then be redrawn with the first number winning 6th prize. First place wins a Melo Yelo Traverse MD valued at $3995. Second place winning a Melo Yelo Townee 2 valued at $2395.

 Major Draw

Major Draw

Win a Mitsubishi Triton 4X4 Double Cab.

Two numbers will be drawn each afternoon including Riders Sports Day Thursday & providing the competitor is present at the briefing/weigh-in on the day their number is drawn they will be entered. During the final weigh-in on Saturday, the drawn entrants will be entered into a further draw to decide the prize winners. The selected numbers will be redrawn with the first number drawn winning 12th prize & the last number drawn winning a Mitsubishi Triton 4X4 Double Cab.